Ways Women Orgasm

The politics of sex

Sex often defies logic! Unfortunately discussions of female orgasm are typically aimed at providing turn-ons for men rather than being realistic accounts of how women truly orgasm.

What sex experts have told me

When my partner and I decided to get married, his work-mates took him out for a beer to convince him that marriage would mean the end of his sex life.

Naturally no woman ever gave me similar advice. I accepted early on that a woman needs to invest in sex for her man’s sake.

Why do so few women comment on sexual pleasure?

I am not so crazy as to approach just any random woman on the subject of sex. I know that most women will be irreversibly offended even at the mention of sex. So I choose women who appear to be fairly liberated and then I approach the subject tangentially.

Of the women I have been brave enough to approach, the vast majority have shunned me.

Women’s sexual desire

Women who live alone or do not have an active sex life with their partner sometimes perceive themselves to be sexually needy because they start to doubt their ability to attract men.

Margaret (early fifties, children, relationship 30 years) was confident that she was highly sexual and interested in sex.

Orgasm during sex

Unfortunately, modern day sexology is not a science based on facts and logic but more a collection of beliefs and opinions.

One expert will claim that all women orgasm by the age of 19; another asserts 30.

Why it can be difficult to discuss our sexual relationships

One of the reasons that adults find it difficult to discuss sex openly is because of the personal nature of sex. It’s important to consider how other people might feel as a result of what we say.

So men can be offended if it is implied that because they are enthusiastic about sex this necessarily means that they are less discriminating.

How female sexuality differs to male sexuality

Many heterosexuals like the fact that the opposite sex is fundamentally different. Both our sexuality and our emotional responses differ.

Men are macho, sometimes a little insensitive, largely disinterested in how they look, social issues or children.