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Is it your dream to experience an authentic female orgasm? The Ways Women Orgasm website is the place you need to be. We are a comprehensive, explicit source of information that aims to inform and reassure women of all ages. The site is designed to be clean and open-minded, so there is nothing that should offend. All of the discussions are also based on honesty, not sexual ego. We use real women’s experience to explore the facts, as well as the myths that surround female sexuality.

Many women are quite uncomfortable with the idea that women can enjoy sexual pleasure through their own arousal and orgasm. Since the concept of female sexuality is hardly spoken about, many women are not even interested in discovering this peak of sexual pleasure. Many women simply assume they orgasm during intercourse as they do not masturbate – not understanding what an orgasm is. It is only women who are familiar with orgasm from masturbation, understand that orgasm is missing from sex with a partner.

To experience an authentic female orgasm, a variety of techniques are used – especially during sex. Our suggestion is that just as men need erotic images and stimulation of the penis for orgasm, women need erotic stories and stimulation of the clitoris for an orgasm. Women will need to use fantasy a lot more, as they have much lower levels of testosterone – the hormone which boosts sex drive. Additionally, the naked male body does not cause women to become aroused enough for orgasm – which is why many females do not buy porn as men do.

Clitoral stimulation is known to assist with orgasm during female masturbation, but only when combined with the use of highly explicit sexual fantasies. Therefore, when in the bedroom with your partner, try bringing up some sexual fantasies – even if that involves reading some erotica while your partner touches you up. However, sometimes women’s erotica can be rather tame – overly being focused on the woman’s body. If you would like to read something that is more detailed, homosexual erotica is excellent – as it is full of male body parts, anal sex and fellatio.

If you would like some more information on how to achieve an authentic female orgasm, please feel free to visit the Ways Women Orgasm website today. Make sure you register with us, as you will be able to join our unique Member Forum and comment on the hundreds of different stories we have available for you to read.