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Different Types of Female Orgasm

Are you looking to learn some of different types of female orgasm? The Ways Women Orgasm website is the place you need to be. Orgasms don’t always come easy, but thanks to the wildly subjective nature of human pleasure, there are so many different ways to reach that peak. Mentally, orgasms put you in a state of relaxation and they fill the body with hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.

There are a number of different types of female orgasm is the clitoral orgasm, which involves circling, tapping and tugging the clitoris. This is a small, nerve-dense structure seated at the top of the vaginal opening, and serves no function other than to provide sexual pleasure. Circle the tip of the clitoris with the tip of your finger to stimulate arousal. Try moving from smaller circles to larger ones. Vary the pressure from a feather-light touch to pushing down harder. Stimulation of the clitoris is probably the easiest way for most people to experience an orgasm.

The G-spot orgasm is another of the most well-known different types of orgasm, and this refers specifically to the erotic spot inside the vaginal wall. To find the G-spot, curve your first two fingers like the letter C and slide them into the vagina. Feel for a little soft spongy piece of skin behind the clitoris and vary between fast and slow strokes. This orgasm may also lead to female ejaculation.

There is also the A-spot orgasm, which is achieved by stimulation of an area deep in the vagina (about 7-10 cm (3-4”) deep) on the front wall of it. This is a patch of sensitive tissue at the inner front end of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder. It can be achieved by using the same technique you will use for stimulating G spot but in this case go as deep as your fingers can reach.

For more information on the different types of female orgasm- make sure you visit the Ways Women Orgasm website today. Now all you need to do is turn down the lights, light some candles and listen to some relaxing music to get the mood going.