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Are you looking for an honest, informative, female orgasm forum? The Ways Women Orgasm website is the place you need to be. Established by Jane Thomas, we are a devoted, online organisation that has been created and dedicated to redefining women’s sexuality. Unlike men, women do not enjoy the same easy and spontaneous sexual arousal that men do, which is why one of the main purposes of the website is to highlight the known facts to help couples differentiate between fact and fiction. Our website provides individuals with sexual education so that couples can understand how women enjoy sexual arousal and orgasm.

Jane Thomas, the author of this female orgasm forum, Ways Women Orgasm, is a unique modern sex writer who talks openly about her experiences – both of masturbation and sex with her partner. She understands that many women approach sex purely through their relationship, fulfiling their for a sexual and emotional act with a man they love – but not all women feel this way. Jane was incredibly disappointed when she did not experience the easy arousal portrayed in erotic fiction during sex.

Initially, she thought there was something wrong with her but later learned, after talking to other women, that the problem was that her expectations were set too high. Very few women showed any interest in enjoying orgasm, and men are often more interested in discussing female sexual arousal and orgasm than most women ever are. Women’s sexual arousal and orgasm are not automatic and often relies on sexual fantasies, even with a partner. Orgasms also physically and emotionally relieve tension and exhaust the body, so are highly beneficial.

Jane understands that for many individuals, sex remains a highly embarrassing topic – which people would like to avoid talking about. She hopes that her efforts with this website will help other couples understand the difficulties they have, and help them learn how to make the most of their sexual relationship.
Have you been looking for a female orgasm forum? Please feel free to visit the Ways Women Orgasm website today. One of the main purposes of the website is to highlight the known facts to help couples differentiate between fact and fiction – redefining women’s sexuality. Make sure you register with us, as you will be able to join our unique Member Forum and comment on the hundreds of different stories we have available for you to read. They use real women’s experience to explore the facts, as well as the myths that surround female sexuality.