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Learn More About the Female Orgasm

If you are struggling to experience an actual female orgasm, please feel free to visit the Ways Women Orgasm website today. Established a number of years ago, we are an online, comprehensive resource that allows well-informed and sexually experienced women to make the most of their sexual relationships with men. We also have an online forum which allows users to comment on 120 stories that use real women’s experience to explore the facts, as well as the myths that surround female sexuality.

The author of Ways Women Orgasm, Jane Thomas, is a unique modern sex writer who talks openly about her experiences – both of masturbation and sex with her partner. She intends for the website to be an incredibly open-minded online space, ensuring that nothing should offend anyone. The discussions we have are all based on honest thoughts, not sexual ego, with some of the topics covering: sex drive, the role of sexual fantasies and why orgasm from female masturbation may always be different to orgasm from penetration.

To experience an actual female orgasm, there are a number of different techniques that could be used – including foreplay. This has evolved as a means of compensating women for the lack of clitoral stimulation they receive during intercourse. Foreplay techniques should allow a man to arouse a woman sufficiently, stimulating her to orgasm through thrusting alone. However, foreplay techniques do not necessarily assist with women’s arousal – as this depends more on a person’s psychological state rather than physical stimulation.

Unlike men, women do not enjoy the same easy and spontaneous sexual arousal that men do. This is a common misconception leads many men to hope for a long-term sex life, without accepting the need to offer their partner other compensations – such as more sensual pleasuring. Women’s sexual arousal and orgasm are not automatic and often relies on sexual fantasies, even with a partner.

Are you interested in understanding how to experience an actual female orgasm? Make sure you visit the Ways Women Orgasm website. One of the main purposes of the website is to highlight the known facts to help couples differentiate between fact and fiction – redefining women’s sexuality. Men are often much more interested in discussing female sexual arousal and orgasm that most women ever are. We also suggest to couples how they can explore sex-play over a longer time period, by appreciating how women and men’s sexual responses differentiate. This will allow them to invest proactively in their intimate time together.