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Few women talk about orgasm in public but those who do typically refer to the sensual and emotional rewards of sex. The need for mental turn-ons and clitoral stimulation is dwarfed by the passion of ‘making love’.

  • In this series of 5 video clips Jane talks about ‘Exploring Sex Play’.This talk was originally also given in Hove on October 20th 2013. Download
  • In this series of 6 video clips Jane talks about ‘Sexual Pleasure’. These videos are based on a talk Jane originally gave in London, UK at The Royal Society of Medicine on February 17th 2012. Download

References: (1) Joan Sewell (American author): ‘I’d rather eat chocolate’. (2) Kathy Lette (Australian author): ‘What women really want in bed’. (3) Bettina Arndt (Australian therapist): ‘The Sex Diaries’.

Taking the ego out of sex advice

My aim is to provide more clarity over HOW and WHEN women orgasm. In this series of 10 video clips I explain my conclusion that there is no reason, logic or research to support the assumption that women should orgasm through intercourse.

Kinsey emphasised the huge range in sexual responsiveness that should be considered ‘normal’ for different individuals. He also concluded that men are MUCH MORE responsive than women. Yet today no one acknowledges this range of orgasmic ability. Media images that exaggerate women’s true sexual responsiveness are so persuasive that women today are almost obliged to refer to orgasm as if it occurs naturally in their sexual relationships.

A woman becomes pregnant regardless of whether she has an orgasm. So women are only thought to be ‘dysfunctional’ as a result of modern expectations for orgasm, which have been set by the subjective evidence of women’s say-so. Even so only SOME women claim to orgasm SOMETIMES with a lover.

We rarely acknowledge that public bravado is very different to the personal conclusions most of us keep private. Masturbation is the easiest and most reliable source of female orgasms but, since it doesn’t benefit men and relatively few women masturbate, female masturbation remains taboo.

Jane’s books are available to buy online (in both digital and paper versions) in the US & the UK. More info. From January 2015 Jane will be taking a sabbatical from writing. She will continue to market her sex forum and books through Twitter and LinkedIn.

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