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My sex story

During adolescence, I read books that gave me both sexual knowledge and an insight into eroticism. So that even before I had sex for the first time, I had the impression that sex would be sensationally pleasurable. Erotic fiction showed women enjoying the same sexual arousal and easy orgasm during sex as men.

I learnt about female masturbation from books.

About Jane

Standing in the street outside a sex clinic on London’s Harley Street, I paused a moment to consider: “What on earth am I doing here?” Well, quite simply I wanted to know why, despite being able to enjoy orgasm through masturbation since adolescence, I had never felt anything like the same sexual arousal during sex.

Many women approach sex purely through their relationship.

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Jane's work highlights the contradictions inherent in the portrayal of female sexuality today, which reflects fictional media rather than research findings.

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