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Female sexuality

female sexuality

Sex is associated with pleasure (through sexual arousal and orgasm) as well as with reproduction (through family and relationships). However male and female sexuality are, often implicitly, defined differently in terms of the importance of the relationship aspects of sex.

For example, men are motivated to enjoy their own sexual arousal and orgasm regardless of a relationship. So they enjoy masturbation and are willing to pay for both

What sex experts have told me

sex experts have told me

When my partner and I decided to get married, his work-mates took him out for a beer to convince him that marriage would mean the end of his sex life.

Naturally no woman ever gave me similar advice. I accepted early on that a woman needs to invest in sex for her man’s sake. Even so, I was prepared to believe that there was something wrong with me

How do women reach orgasm with a partner?

how reach orgasm

Everyone says “but it all works fine for other women”. My question is “How?”

Men have more testosterone. Men get turned on by anything that moves in a skirt with legs. All men naturally masturbate throughout their sexually active lives. They heckle, they ask women to dance, they proposition, etc. etc.

And women? They wait to be asked. Is this a sign of sex drive or

Our Biological Motivation to Engage in Loving Relationships

29 Our Biological Motivation to Engage in Loving Relationships

Research also indicates that for activities not involving men women take longer to orgasm. It is only when having sex with men that women are assumed to match male speeds to orgasm (two minutes on average).[i] Misconception #7: Because of the male experience, it is incorrectly assumed that women should orgasm more easily with a…

Women do not necessarily masturbate to orgasm

26 Women do not always masturbate to orgasm

It is difficult to establish the nature of female masturbation.[i] Women do not always use fantasy as men do, which suggests they may not always be masturbating to orgasm. Some infant girls masturbate as an instinctive comforting activity. Sometimes they reach a resolution that is interpreted as orgasm. However a young child does not have…