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Women do not necessarily masturbate to orgasm

26 Women do not always masturbate to orgasm

It is difficult to establish the nature of female masturbation.[i] Women do not always use fantasy as men do, which suggests they may not always be masturbating to orgasm. Some infant girls masturbate as an instinctive comforting activity. Sometimes they reach a resolution that is interpreted as orgasm. However a young child does not have…

The sexual anatomy involved in female orgasm

24 The anatomy of female orgasm

Because she targeted female masturbation specifically, Shere Hite’s sample included even more women (82%) who masturbated (compared with Kinsey’s sample). Yet even though such women must be familiar with clitoral stimulation techniques when masturbating, around half of them[i] said the same techniques did not help them orgasm with a lover. Once again such an even…

Women who enjoy their own sexual arousal

women who enjoy sexual arousal

Perhaps it would be simpler if I explained that I am targeting women who masturbate regularly in order to enjoy their own sexual arousal and orgasm.

Other women can be totally convinced that sexual arousal is easy and I am very happy for them. But if you do not masturbate then you cannot usefully comment on the experiences of women who do. This is simply a fact

How do women achieve sexual arousal during sex?

sexual arousal during sex

Some women happily accept the modern media’s portrayal of women as complete sexual beings, for whom spontaneously orgasmic sex is as much of a given as it is for a man.

Other women find that orgasms do not ‘just happen’. Pressure to find answers comes not only from the woman who hopes to enjoy what is supposed to be mutual sexual pleasure but also from her partner who

True female sexual arousal and orgasm

true sexual arousal

Any talk of sexual arousal and orgasm, usually focuses on women since men’s sexual arousal and orgasm tend to be a given.

It is unthinkable that anyone needs to tell a man how to orgasm. By the time they are teenagers, boys have discovered how to enjoy their own sexual arousal, by looking at images of naked women. Likewise no one tells a boy that to orgasm

Women’s responses do not need to be sociable

19 Female orgasm happens alone

Surveys are inherently flawed where there is a bias in the acceptability of the responses. Frankly it is amazing that any woman ever admits to being non-orgasmic. The turn-on explains the bias. But given female masturbation is so rare why do so many (relatively) of these women volunteer? The answer is in the research findings…