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Women’s responses do not need to be sociable

19 Female orgasm happens alone

Surveys are inherently flawed where there is a bias in the acceptability of the responses. Frankly it is amazing that any woman ever admits to being non-orgasmic. The turn-on explains the bias. But given female masturbation is so rare why do so many (relatively) of these women volunteer? The answer is in the research findings…

Women who use fantasy for sexual arousal

sexual arousal fantasy

I have never been a romantic. But recently, I must have gone soft in the head because I now enjoy romantic dramas. I admire the hero’s masculinity, his body (admittedly fully clothed) and his portrayal of restrained sex drive. Romance may make a woman amenable to sex but I have not found that it helps with sexual arousal. I need scenarios that involve explicit eroticism for orgasm.

Arousal comes from appreciating eroticism

appreciation of eroticism

Our ability to become sexually aroused through an appreciation of eroticism is a normal as well as a necessary part of human sexuality. Sex (male arousal and orgasm in particular) leads to family and yet hypocritically, while family is encouraged, sex remains taboo.

Young boys learn about orgasm through masturbation because an erect penis is difficult to ignore. Girls do not experience spontaneous sexual arousal and so

Our Biological Motivation to Achieve Orgasm

women's sex drive

There is a precedent for female masturbation in the animal world. Some female mammals do masturbate but since they do not ejaculate it is difficult to establish that female mammals stimulate themselves to orgasm. Misconception #4: Because of the male experience, it is incorrectly assumed that women have a ‘sex drive’ to achieve orgasm. Women…

The facts of female sexuality

facts of female sexuality

Shere Hite pointed out in 1976 that intercourse does not provide the specific clitoral stimulation that women need to orgasm. So, it is very likely that any woman who claims easy orgasm during intercourse is mistaken.

Especially given so few women masturbate and so most do not know what orgasm is. Women’s talk of the relationship and loving emotions also indicates a misunderstanding about the nature of

Sexual arousal from romantic emotions

sexual arousal romantic

Many women talk about sexual arousal and orgasm in terms of their relationship. They describe their loving feelings for their partner and explain their sexual arousal in terms of the idea that their partner finds them attractive.

Masturbation has no meaning for them because, for such women, sex focuses on the emotional benefits of sharing physical intimacy with their man. It’s important not to judge other people’s experiences