My sex story

During adolescence, I read books that gave me both sexual knowledge and an insight into eroticism. So that even before I had sex for the first time, I had the impression that sex would be sensationally pleasurable. Erotic fiction showed women enjoying the same sexual arousal and easy orgasm during sex as men. I learnt about female masturbation from books.

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Many people describe their sex life, including evidence of female arousal, as if it came straight out of erotic fiction. I have come to question these stories because, despite their initial bravado, no one is ever willing to provide any detail. Naturally most women are too embarrassed to comment. They conclude that their experiences of sexual arousal must be abnormal.

My research

Standing in the street outside a sex clinic on London’s Harley Street, I paused a moment to consider: “What on earth am I doing here?” Well, quite simply I wanted to know why, despite being able to enjoy orgasm through masturbation since adolescence, I had never felt anything like the same sexual arousal during sex. Many women approach sex purely through their relationship.

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For many women, orgasm is never an issue. Sex fulfils all their expectations for a romantic and passionate 'love-making' act. Women, who approach sex purely through their relationship, hope for little more than the sensual and emotional aspects of sex.


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