Ways Women Orgasm

Ways Women Orgasm

‘Ways Women Orgasm’ is the female sexu­ality forum dedic­ated to women’s enjoy­ment of sexual pleasure and orgasm.

The forum discusses women’s orgasm tech­niquesclit­oral stim­u­la­tion & erotic turn-ons — and helps women get more out of their sexual rela­tion­ships with men by promoting ideas for how couples can explore more adven­turous sex play.

What real women say:

Reality versus fiction.What real women say about sex and orgasm is very different to how women’s sexu­ality is portrayed in erotic fiction.

Women’s orgasm tech­niques:

Orgasm does not ‘just happen’! A woman has to use erotic turn-ons (just as men do) to achieve the kind of sexual arousal that leads to orgasm through clit­oral stim­u­la­tion.

The politics of sex:

Sex often defies logical analysis.The key diffi­culty is that discus­sions of female orgasm are typic­ally aimed at providing turn-ons for men rather than being real­istic accounts of how women truly orgasm.

Men & sex play:

For the sexu­ally adven­turous! How couples can bring variety to their sex play by taking the focus off inter­course so that other activ­ities become a more routine part of their sex life.

Women’s sexu­ality:

The sexual responses of arousal and orgasm arise in our subcon­sious mind. But our sexual beha­viours are more conscious. We choose how we will explore and enjoy our own responses as well as those of a lover.

Sexual tech­niques:

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Everyone says they’re laid back about sex but no one ever SAYS anything. Then whatever you say they are offended or disagree. W.T.F. … you know … I don’t give a …! I’m not trying to please everyone.

People say they are offended … they say that we are all supposed to toe the line … they say we must always be polit­ic­ally correct. You know … I really don’t care… I am just telling it the way it is … and I am going to continue speaking out regard­less of whether I offend gran­nies, the powers that be, the prudes …

There is no way that the status quo bene­fits anyone except those who make money out of other people’s insec­ur­ities. I try really hard NOT to offend anyone and I am sorry if someone some­where is upset or feels margin­al­ised. I hope that they will under­stand that there is a greater cause … honesty and realism.

I am simply asking women to be explicit. They all talk about romance and their loving rela­tion­ship. I am saying that orgasm involves erotic stimuli quite distinct from any rela­tion­ship we may have. I know we all want a man to think us the sexiest thing in the world but I am trying to provide real­istic sexual expect­a­tions for those who care.

No two people think about sex in the same way. So however hard I try I can never hope to please everyone! I am chal­len­ging modern beliefs about female orgasm, which I believe are wrong. I am not simply telling people what they want to hear. I am presenting the research find­ings, which have never been popular because of the conflict with fantasies.

My expert refer­ences and explan­a­tions are free for those who appre­ciate how to use them to get more out of their sex life. It’s easy to criti­cise but bear in mind that this prob­ably explains why few women volun­teer to talk about sex and orgasm!